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    Whats that acronym


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    Whats that acronym

    Post by Admin on Thu Apr 09, 2015 9:41 am

    What's that acronym?
    BOV - Blow off valve
    BT - Big turbo~ basically anything bigger than a ko4 turbo.
    BTDC - Below Top Dead Center (Typically a number of degrees below TDC. Ignition timing is read in this format.)
    CA - Control arms
    CAI - Cold air intake
    CC - Clear cornered (headlight housing)
    CF - Carbon Fiber
    CHP - Crank Horsepower. also BHP which is Brake Horsepower
    D1S - Newer ballast/ bulb system for xenon lights
    D2S - Older ballast/ bulb system for xenon lights
    DBC / NDBW - Drive by cable / Non drive by wire, in 96-99.5's.
    DBW - Drive by wire, in 00 & 2001's.
    DMFW - Dual mass flywheel.
    DP - Downpipe
    DTS - Drivetrain stabilizer
    DV - Diverter Valve
    EBC - Electronic boost controller
    Ecode - European standard headlight housing
    ECU - Electronic control unit (cars computer)
    FMIC - Front mounted intercooler
    FPR - Fuel Pressure Regulator
    GIAC - Popular chip manufacturer
    HFC - High flow cat
    HID - Xenons headlights
    inHg - Inches of Mercury (Vacuum)
    K03 - Stock turbo
    K03 Sport - Used in 2000 and 2001's. 00 had a 3mm shaft, 01 had a 4mm shaft.
    K04 - Upgraded turbo which uses the K03 housing
    Limp - Happens when overboost is detected. The car will not boost over 8psi until Limp is cleared.
    LWFW - Light weight flywheel.
    M1 - Mobil 1 oil
    MAF - Mass air flow sensor
    MAP - Manifold Absolute Pressure (sensor that reads charge air pressure on ATW and AWM motors. Located on SMIC)
    MBC - Manual boost controller
    N75 - Solenoid valve which opens and closes to allow air pressure to the wastegate
    PES - A tuner which makes a popular supercharger for the 2.8's
    PSI - Pounds per square inch (boost)
    s/w - Software
    SMIC - Side mounted intercooler
    Snub - Snub mount
    TB - Timing belt
    TBA - Throttle body alignment
    TBB - Throttle body boot
    TDC - Top Dead Center (When Pistons are at top of stroke and all valves are closed)
    TIP - Turbo inlet pipe, or Tiptronic (automatic cars)
    TP - Testpipe
    TRE - Tie rod end
    UNI - Unitronic, popular BT software
    VAG - Volkswagen Audi Group (also used to talk about computer software needed to read codes)
    WHP - Wheel HP
    WOT - Wide open throttle, when the pedal is pressed all the way in

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